David Glass commented in a MarketWatch.com article concerning a couple’s discussions about whether to hire a financial advisor, and how to best handle a potentially delicate situation.

‘I’d like someone to make sure we’re not being foolish.’ My husband works in finance and makes stock purchases for us, but should I hire someone to oversee our money anyway?

Response: Talking to your spouse about hiring a professional money manager: David Glass, certified family law specialist, says honesty is the best policy and by doing some research in advance, you can approach the problem with potential solutions instead of just identifying a problem. “It’s always easier to agree to solutions than to simply acknowledge that there are problems,” says Glass.

“Be prepared to suggest that you, together, interview two or three individuals and explain how not having a financial adviser makes you feel. “The more personal you make this discussion, the better chance that your husband will want to work with you to help you feel better,” says Glass.