David Glass’ four party series on “Gaslighting” featured in DivorceMag.com

David Glass’ four party series on “Gaslighting” featured in DivorceMag.com

What is Gaslighting and What Should You Do About it?

David Glass published his first of a 4-part series on “Gaslighting” in DivorceMag.com. He discusses the definition of the term “Gaslighting.”

Gaslighting is an increasingly talked-about type of interpersonal manipulation, often appearing in abusive relationships, and most commonly seen in romantic relationships. It is an undercover form of emotional abuse where the abuser misleads his or her victim by creating a false story by disregarding the victim’s concerns and complaints, and ultimately making the victim question his or her own observations, conclusions, and reality.

Types of Gaslighting include: Countering, Withholding, Trivializing, Denial, Diverting, Stereotyping

In future installments in the series about gaslighting, David Glass covers:

  1. Part Two: The Signs of Gaslighting — how to spot them
  2. Part Three: Case Studies of Gaslighting — concrete examples
  3. Part Four: What the Victim Should Do to Get Out of the Abusive Relationship — and never look back: