Jury deliberations begin in Depp and Heard defamation trial

Good Morning America (GMA) shared insight into the jury deliberations that started this week for the Depp-Heard 6-week-long defamation trial. The fate of both Depp and Heard’s complaints rests on the decision of 7 jurors. GMA featured EPGR’s David Glass for his expert opinion on which of the parties would likely come out ahead. When asked if he thought Depp returning to the stand last week was beneficial to his case, Glass said, “I don’t think it benefitted either of them… His testimony really didn’t add or detract from his case, or from Amber Heard’s case.” Glass went on to explain what the jury needs to consider when deliberating a defamation suit. “The juries are given very specific instructions. They have a checklist they have to go through. First of all, there has to be a bad statement made of someone that was false. It has to have been made with actual malice, and then the hardest part is showing that the person with who the statement was made was damaged financially. Connecting that one little statement to having their career ruined, that’s the hardest part of a defamation case.” He added that “both of these parties went far afield of what the defamation case is all about.” In terms of jury options, Glass said the jury had three options, “first to find for Johnny Depp, that he was defamed and hurt, or they could find for Amber, that she was defamed or hurt, but most likely what the jury is going to do is send both parties home with nothing, and saying ‘a pox on both your houses.”

Watch the full interview at https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/culture/video/jury-deliberations-begin-depp-heard-defamation-trial-85038562