David Glass represents Nikki Boyd amidst ‘Jackass’ Alum Bam Margera’s Addiction Treatment

Bam Margera made headlines as one of the outrageous cohosts on MTV’s Jackass, but at the same time, he was facing internal battles as well. During a 2016 appearance on Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn, Margera, real name Brandon Cole shared, ““It just seems like everything at one point came crashing down,” revealing just how dark it got to, “it wasn’t even drinking for the fun or for the social part of it. It was just drinking because [of] total depression, kinda.”

Since then, the former skateboarder has been candid about how his challenges have affected his family, including his wife, Nicole Boyd, and their son, Phoenix. On August 2021, Margera shared on Instagram “Dr. Phil, I need your help in a big, big way,” but since then, in May 2022, Margera shared exciting news to his followers that he celebrated one year of sobriety. However, his battle took a turn for the worse, when new headlines reported that Margera fled an in-patient treatment program in Florida, where he has since been missing. According to a police report, obtained by TMZ, he was unhappy with the facility’s services after arriving under a court order.

“Addiction treatment is often a bumpy road. Nikki Margera and their son Phoenix hope he will turn up quickly and re-dedicate himself to sober living — for himself and for his family,” Boyd’s attorney, David Glass, told Us Weekly in a statement at the time. “Nikki remains dedicated to supporting Bam in his recovery.”