Daniel Gutenplan, Managing Partner of EPGR, joined Good Morning America to discuss the latest in Shakira’s legal battle over alleged tax fraud

Global superstar Shakira potentially faces an 8-year prison sentence if she’s convicted of tax fraud allegations in Spain. EPGR’s Daniel Gutenplan sits down with Good Morning America to discuss what this means for the superstar and what the possible outcomes are, if she’s found guilty of failing to file her taxes during the years of 2012-2014. Shakira’s team has declined a settlement offer in which Gutenplan says, “the fact that they declined a plea deal now, does not foreclose settlement down the road.” He adds that although this is making big waves across news outlets, she is “unlikely to see any jail time, much less eight years.” Shakira’s team is actively fighting this case and we will continue to see what happens next.