The August edition of the Miracle Mile Mirror Official Newsletter features an article on “The State of Los Angeles Family Law” by EPGR’s Maureen Stubbs

Maureen Stubbs has joined EPGR’s Family Law department on an “Of Counsel” basis. Stubbs explains the fields of law that EPGR covers –from family law to child custody, and/or mediation services. Mediation services are an alternative method of dispute resolution and are offered for all family law matters. Within this feature, Stubbs shares that David J. Glass, the managing partner of the firm’s family law department, is among a rare group of attorneys dually trained in Law and Clinal Psychology (PhD). This offers clients an “inside” look as well as a deeper understanding of the procedures used by court-appointed mental health and psychological professionals. Stubbs then discusses how Los Angeles’ courts have been severely impacted by Covid, causing a huge backlog of cases. Courts have seen an increase in “Covid Divorce” cases where couples who experienced “too much togetherness” are now filing for divorce. At EPGR, all cases are approached from a settlement perspective from the beginning to offset the expense of divorce itself. Mediation is one of the services offered which has proven to benefit family law clients personally, emotionally, and financially.

Link: Miracle Mile Mirror August 2022.pdf