David Glass On People Magazine The Impact Of Divorce Between Billionaire MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett

With a net worth of $27.9 billion and holding 4 th place on Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index, MacKenzie Scott is one of the wealthiest women in the world. Scott recently filed a petition for divorce from her Seattle school teacher Dan Jewett, after marrying him in California just last year. EPGR Lawyers’ David Glass sat down with People Magazine to shed some light on the divorce process. He expects that their divorce will be "pretty standard and vanilla," upon review of the filing. Under Washington law, a separation contract allows divorcing couples to keep a separation agreement "completely private," Glass adds. In this case, Scott and Jewett appear to already have the terms of their divorce entirely settled. To explain the difference in divorce laws between WA and CA, Glass explains that CA state law says divorcing couples must wait six months for a divorce decree even under similar circumstances. If both parties agree, they will have no waiting period.

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