EPGR Lawyers’ Partner Jesse Bolling Over Trademark Law Issue Between Crumbl Cookies, Dirty Dough, and Crave

Billion-dollar Utah-based Crumbl Cookies is suing smaller competitors Dirty Dough and Crave. Crumbl accused the start-ups of trademark infringement, claiming they copied Crumbl's cookie designs, packaging, and even logos. Both companies fiercely deny the claims. Crumbl told ABC News that "all brands have the right and responsibility to protect their intellectual property." And what does our partner, Jesse Bolling, have to say about this? Bolling explains that “The way the law looks at these things is, okay, two things may look alike, but we want to know if customers are confused. That's the ultimately question of the trademark, trade dress side of things.” We will see where this battle goes, as it does not seem to end any time soon.
Crumbl Cookies near me: Cookie company files lawsuit against Crave, Dirty Dough franchise – ABC7Chicago