EPGR Lawyers’ David Glass Appears on CBS Los Angeles and KCAL News to Discuss New Mental Health Services by CVS

CBS News and KCAL News interviewed EPGR Lawyers’ David Glass about the latest service being launched by CVS Pharmacy. The retail company, CVS, now offers mental health care services in the greater Los Angeles area, which includes counseling from licensed mental health professionals. This initiative was created with the hope of increasing convenience and access. In response to this latest development, Glass commented, “we’re in a state of emergency, in terms of access to mental health care.” The main issue surrounding this new service is whether they present any ethical problems. Glass goes on to share his legal expertise and concerns, the first surrounding privacy and competence. Overall, Glass believes that this is a great place to start, especially if insurance is not able to cover your mental health care. To watch the full interview, click here.