EPGR Lawyers’ David Glass Joins ABC News to Discuss Former NFL Player Michael Oher’s Conservatorship

Former football player Michael Oher, whose life the movie “The Blind Side,” is based on, is suing the family who claimed to have adopted him. Michael Fletcher, Senior Writer at ESPN, along with EPGR Lawyers’ David Glass, both joined ABC News to discuss the ongoing case. Information revealed shows that Michael has been investigating his own case since 2016. David Glass shares insight as to why it took so long for the lawsuit to develop. He explains that when searching a case online, you need to know what type of case you are searching for, including adoption cases or conservatorship cases. “If they didn’t know they were looking for a conservatorship case, and instead were looking for an adoption case, they would keep coming up with nothing.” Glass goes on to explain that this case doesn’t make much sense, because the adoption process in the state of Tennessee by the Tuohy family could have been done instead of a conservatorship. But instead, the Tuohy family decided to go with conservatorship and control all of Michael’s finances.

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