People Magazine Consults EPGR Lawyers’ David Glass About Actor Kevin Coster’s Divorce Case

After a public battle in court, Kevin Costner and his estranged wife, Christine, have reached a seemingly sudden divorce settlement - leaving many wondering what expedited the agreement. PEOPLE spoke with California-based family law attorney and former psychologist, David Glass of EPGR Lawyers, who said that “money and an embarrassing spotlight on the couple’s squabbling” were likely significant factors. “People go to court and then if one party does not do well, which Mrs. Costner didn’t do well, she got a third of the (child) support she wanted. She didn’t get her award for fees. She was told that the prenuptial agreement was going to be upheld. Then she starts considering, do I really want to litigate the rest of this?” Glass observed. 

PEOPLE confirmed Tuesday that the 68-year-old Oscar winner and his estranged wife, 49, had reached a settlement agreement four and a half months after she filed for dissolution of marriage, listing their date of separation as April 11. 

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