“Professional Wills: Legal and Personal Perspectives” Presented By David Glass, J.D., Ph.D.

David J. Glass gave a presentation to the Los Angeles County Psychological Association on Ethics and the Use of Professional Practice Wills. He was joined by Lynne Steinman, Ph.D.


“So many of us know that we need to have a current professional will, and yet we don’t.”

The presentation provided the information needed to create a will, both meeting ethical requirements and ensuring that patients/clients, families and colleagues will be protected and prepared in case of a debilitating injury or unexpected death.


The Los Angeles Psychological Association represents over 4,000 licensed psychologists within Los Angeles County by responding to the mental health needs of the community.  Its purposes are to advance the science and profession of psychology and promote human welfare while educating the public about psychological issues.

Dr. David Glass is a uniquely qualified family law and probate attorney.  He is a former therapist with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.  He concentrates his practice in child custody, guardianship, and conservatorship litigation as well as prenuptial agreements and wills and trust drafting.