Court Rules in Favor of Client’s Request to Relocate the Minor Child to Kansas City

In his latest victory, Shareholder and Chair of our Family Law Department, David J. Glass, successfully litigated ERLP’s client’s request to relocate with her daughter from Los Angeles to Kansas City, where her extended family lives.  

After a 4 day trial before the Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis of the LA Superior Court, the Court found that it was in the child’s best interests to remain in her mother’s primary physical custody and to move with her to Kansas City, Missouri.   Applying the La Musga factors, the Court agreed with our client’s assertions that, among other things, the stability and continuity of care for her daughter, who is 4 years old, as well as our client’s assertions as to her ability and track-record of parental cooperation would help to insure that the minor child remained bonded and connected to her Father, who will remain living in Los Angeles.

David overcame a custody evaluation report from Evidence Code Section 730/Family Code Section 3111 Expert, Dr. Albert Gibbs, which recommended against the relocation.  In overcoming the court’s expert’s report, David utilized a Motion in Limine as well as extended cross-examination of the expert to show that several of his conclusions were not supported in the psychological research literature or were not generally accepted by the larger field of clinical psychology.

David was uniquely qualified to handle this difficult matter by virtue of his past experience and training– he has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and previously practiced as a therapist and evaluator—and by virtue of his extensive trial experience with high-conflict child custody matters.   David also handles the full range of family law and probate litigation matters including valuation and division of assets; support; dissolution of marriage; conservatorships; guardianships; prenuptial agreements; and will and trust contests.