Peter Fischer to Speak on Strategies for Investing in Real Estate Passively

On Tuesday March 8, 2016, The South Bay chapter of FIBI (the “For Investors by Investors” Real Estate Group) will host a panel on passive real estate investments, with a panel discussion format. This panel will be very appealing to those looking to invest in real estate without having to take on the day-to-day responsibility of managing the investment, and passive strategies including syndications, investing in trust deeds and the like will be discussed with real world examples and many different perspectives. In addition to Mr. Fischer, the panelists include Jeremy Roll, real estate, business investor, and President of Roll Investment Group, and Mathew Owens, the founder of OCG Properties, LLC a company that specializes in equity and cash flowing real estate investments.

The event will take begin at 6:30 at the Manhattan Beach Country Club located at 1330 Park View Avenue. , Manhattan Beach, CA.

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