EPGR LLP Welcomes New Family Law Partner Jinna Kang and Family Law Of Counsel

EPGR is proud to announce the addition of new family law partner Jinna Kang, CFLS, IAFL, to our growing team. Jinna is a California Certified Family Law Specialist, having dedicated the last 11 years of her practice to family law matters. Jinna is one of only two board certified Family Law Specialists in California with Korean language fluency. She is also the first (and at present, the only) Korean speaking fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers. In fact Jinna is a board member of the Association of Certified Family Law Specialists. Ms. Kang truly cares about her clients, and cares about their quality of life not only during but also after their cases. Ms. Kang also has extensive experience handling cross-jurisdictional family law issues, including issues regarding parties’ assets, debts, and children—not only in other states, but also abroad. She is well connected with family law specialists in Korea and is thus uniquely poised to handle family law issues that may relate to Korea, Korean culture, and/or Korean language. In addition to representing clients in her capacity as an attorney, Ms. Kang has also served as an expert witness in cases involving the intersection of Californian and Korean family law and the related cross-jurisdictional issues.

Jinna takes pride in having an up-to-date knowledge of the law and is a regular attendee at continuing education seminars throughout the Southern California region. Being aware of current laws and procedures allows Jinna to handle cases with complex support and property division issues with supreme confidence.

In addition to Jinna, EPGR has also added two new Of Counsel to our family law team this year, Erin L. Grey, CFLS, and Elizabeth H. Peterson. Combined both Erin and Elizabeth add over 30 years of legal experience to our expanding family law department. Our dedicated team of attorneys look forward to serving all of your family law and other legal needs.