ABC News Features David Glass for Insights on Football Star’s Conservatorship Agreement

Family law and psychologist expert, David Glass from EPGR Lawyers, joins ABC News to discuss the conservatorship agreement of the real-life star who inspired “The Blind Side” film. Former NFL player, Michael Oher, stated that “since I was already over the age of eighteen and considered an adult by the state of Tennessee, Sean and Leigh Anna would be named as my legal conservators. They explained to me that it means the same thing as ‘adopted parents’ but that the law was just written in a way that took my age into account.” The Tuohy family argues that Michael wrote about conservatorship in his book, which indicates that he knew about it. Nonetheless, the family has also expressed their willingness to end the conservatorship. David Glass further clarified the factors involved in a conservatorship, saying “Unfortunately, that’s not how conservatorship works. They are set up if a person has a disability, a cognitive impermeant, or dementia, and they need someone to come in and make financial decisions for them.” When asked if this be used as evidence to prove that Michael did not know about his conservatorship, Glass responded, “Absolutely. It is unclear of what he understood at the time.”

If this goes to court, then the court will order a full counting under the conservatorship. One way or another, David Glass believes that the courts will get to the bottom of this. To watch the full interview, click here.